The Goldfire Necklace




Yellow Jasper Necklace

Pendant type Yellow Jasper

Chain Material: Stainless steel

Chain color: Silver

Pendant Length: 1.5 in

Chain length Clasp to Clasp: 18 in

Made with care!

The story of Wiad and this necklace, the Goldfire Necklace

Once upon a time, there was a wizard who loved to enchant things. He enchanted swords, rings, earrings, and even a plate. This wizard was held in high esteem for his enchantment skills. People from all over the country came to see him. His name was Wiad.

Sometimes, he just wanted to be alone. So in the mornings, he took long walk in the forest he lived in. On this cold morning, he stumbled upon a necklace. It had a silver chain, and an almost translucent pendant on the chain. Wiad grabbed this necklace, and went back home to enchant it.

Wiad had been enchanting this necklace for several hours, when he accidentally dropped it in the fire. Terrified his work was about to be destroyed, Wiad quickly grabbed the necklace. Wiad let the necklace cool down a little bit, and then started enchanting it again.

The next day, when he had finished enchanting the necklace, Wiad noticed something on the necklace. The once-clear pendant had turned a yellow color, kind of like gold. Wiad blinked in astonishment. He had tried to enchant the crystal on the necklace with luck, but the crystal didn’t turn green like it would have if it truly had been enchanted with luck. Wiad looked closer and saw that he had accidentally enchanted the necklace with everlasting hope. That enchantment would make the whoever wore the necklace ever hopeful. Wiad had never done such an advanced enchantment before. That enchantment had only been achieved one time before.

Wiad, who was astonished, decided to name the necklace the Goldfire Necklace, because the necklace turned a gold yellow color, and because he had dropped it in the fire. “Maybe that had something to do with it,” Thought Wiad.

Disclaimer: This is a reproduction of the Goldfire Necklace. This necklace has no magical properties.


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