The Earthstone Necklace




Unakite Necklace

Pendant type: Unakite

Chain material: Stainless steel

Chain Color: Silver

Pendant length: 1.5 in

Necklace length clasp to clasp: 18 in

Made with care!

How Hiran Found and Used the Earthstone Necklace:

Once, in the medieval times, there was a guard who was tired of his job, and wanted to go adventuring. So this guard resigned, and his walled village said goodbye to him. “I’ll be back when I have finished doing something exciting!” he called to his friends and family. That was how his journey started.
The guard’s name was Hiran, and he was a kind man. He knew his way around weapons, and he decided to take his sturdy knife, a short sword, and a crossbow. Hiran had a pet, too. His pet was a devacat, a small cat-like creature with wings, and a head of a hawk. It was so small that it could fit on his shoulder.

Hiran entered the nearby forest, and stayed to the path. He walked along for a good ways, when his devacat, who was named Nama, hissed. Hiran walked one step further, when he felt the ground shake. He also felt the ground moving down slowly. Hiran had fallen into a pit!

After an hour of try to climb out, a band of robbers let him out, and stole all of his gear. Luckily, they let him keep Nama. Hiran journeyed for a long time after he got out of his bindings, (the robbers had tied him up) and finally found the robbers. Nama was able to steal a dagger from the thieves, and Hiran hid himself in the trees in front of the thieves. He jumped out at them, and pushed the dagger against the leader’s neck. He made the robbers surrender, and took back his stuff.

Hiran went back to the village, and imprisoned the bandits. Hiran searched them, and he took one thing from the leader. He paid the leader, though. That thing was the Earthstone Necklace. The bandit, who had not known about the magical powers, resented Hiran once he found out about them. The necklace had the powers of the earth, so Hiran called it the Earthstone Necklace. Hiran used the necklace’s power to create mountains, so that his village, which had been attacked so commonly in recent years, would be safe. When Hiran resigned, there had been peace.

Disclaimer: This is a reproduction of the Earthstone Necklace and so it does not have any powers.


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