Heart of the Sea Necklace




Heart of the Sea Necklace

Pendant type: Blue Sea Star

Chain material: Brass plated steel

Color of chain: Golden

Chain length: 19 in

Pendant length: 0.5 in

Made with love.

Pendant story:

One day there was a dolphin whose baby was trapped in a web of trash inside a sunken ship wreck. she had franticly dug and dug until she could no more. She lay back to rest  and renew her energy then she saw a glimmer on the sea floor. It was a necklace! The dolphin picked it up and set it down. She stared at it intently. then deciding it was nothing she set it down. She woke to a the noise of bubbles nearby a diver was swimming. she chirped and tried to swim away. Her tail sudenly got stuck under a rock. The diver came closer and closer. Then surprisingly, he took off the trash enclosing the baby! After that he pulled the dolphins tail out from under the rock. The dolphin quickly embraced the baby and then nuzzled the diver. Then out of no where a rock fell and knocked off the divers mask. he  floundered and then realized that he could  breath under water.  He was so astonished that he dropped the necklace and could not breath again. Then, picking  the necklace up he said,  “That thing makes me breath under water?!!” The dolphin recoiled and replied ” you can talk?” “A, of course I  can talk I am a human.” rebuked the diver. The two talked for a long while and then became friends and lived in the shipwreck where they cleaned up trash.

(Disclaimer: This necklace does not have any magical powers.)

The End


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