The Wind Crystal


The Wind Crystal is Azay’s Howlite neckless with a stainless-steel chain. Made with a smile!

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Pendant Story:

Once there was a time long, long ago when there was no wind. The wind had been locked up in a small crystal and was being horded by a great beast. The beast lived in a cave near a village. In that village there was a boy named Azay, he was a lively little boy with brown skin and blond hair. He had always dreamed of an adventure. He would make a wooden sword and pretend to fight off enemies. One day he was playing when he got lost in the forest. It was getting dark, and he was getting cold.  He started to worry.  Azay sat down and bundled up trying to figure out what to do. Meanwhile the great beast Had exited the cave to get some food. Azay heard the large footsteps and jumped behind a tree. Once they were gone Azay’s imagination got hold of him and he wandered off to find out where the monster came from. he walked for a while and finally he found a cave. He went in and stumbled on a crystal. It was white with streaks of grey. He grabbed it and then walked out of the cave to show his friends. When he went out, he found five men looking for him. One was his dad. Azay ran to him and hugged him tight. they took him home and when he showed them the crystal they were astonished. Using the crystal, they brought back the wind.

The End


(Disclaimer: This crystal does not have any magical powers)


Additional information

Chain Material

Stainless Steel

Chain Color


Chain Length

22", 20", 18", 16"

Pendant Type


Pendant Length

1.5  in


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